Arrange For a Contract

Once you have decided what property you are purchasing from us and we have agreed the purchase price for the property with you then we will arrange for a contract to be drawn up.

The contract will be between Royal Turkish Homes & Construction Ltd and yourself and will be a legally binding signed contract drawn up by a solicitor.

We will take you to a local solicitor office that works with us and our clients and we will arrange the contract to be drawn up. The contract will be in both Turkish and English and also can be in any other language if requested. A translator can also be arranged to be present for your benefit.

In the contract will be the details of the property, the purchase price and the payment plan that has been arranged. At this stage the agreed cash deposit will also have to be paid to us.

Once the contract is signed by both parties a copy will be held on your file at our office and you will also receive a copy for your own records.

The solicitors fee on average is £200 and depending on the size of the property and content of the contract then this may be slightly higher. If you require a translator present then they normally charge £60. The solicitor fee and translator fee will be paid by you and it has to be paid while at the office arranging the contract.

Contact us by email – for more information regarding arranging a contract.

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