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Looking for an investment opportunity by investing with us you can get a excellent return on your money.

The Turkish property market is very strong at the moment and the competitive prices means you can make a excellent return on your money you are investing.

There are a few options for you to invest your money and get a good return with us.

One option is to buy a property that is already complete or an off plan property that is near completion and in a few years time this will increase in price, this is guaranteed and is what has happened over the last few years . If you were to buy a property then you can also rent the property out either to holiday makers on a weekly basis or more long term renters for either 6 months or yearly and this will make you some money back on what you have invested when buying your property.

Royal Turkish Homes & Construction Ltd can assist with renting out your property and the minimum weekly rental income in the season is £150 per week this depends on the size of your property so the bigger the property the more that can be charged for rental.

Another option is to purchase land from us and you can either keep this and when the market gets stronger you can then sell the land on or alternatively you can build on the land you purchase and then either sell the property on and make money or use the property yourself and rent it out either way you will get a good return on your property.

We can also do an investment with you basically we can buil with you a property on land that we already own and we would put 50% of the money in and you would pay in the other 50% and once the property is complete we can sell this on and split the profıts, getting 50% each.

If you are to purchase a property with us and when the time comes that you want to sell then we can also assist you with this.

Contact us if you have any enquiries please.

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