Property Title Deed

Once you have decided which property you are buying with us and we have had the contract arranged and signed by yourself and Royal Turkish Homes and you have paid the deposit and also the next payment has been made for the property then you can apply for your Tapu – Title Deeds so the property is in your name.

The Tapu – Title Deeds is the legal document that proves your ownership of the property you have purchased. The owners full name, photograph and property details are on the title deeds.

We can help assist you with getting the title deeds into your name. We require a copy of your passport and your full name and address and if the title deeds are to be in more than one persons name then also there details a copy of there passport. This will then be taken to the land registry office where the application will be made to transfer your name on to the title deeds instead of the sellers name being on it. There will be a military check done during the application process before the title deeds can be issued. The title deeds tend to take between 45 to 50 days before they are ready. but during 2013 legal changes are in the pipeline to speed up the title deed clearance.

The cost of applying for your title deeds to put your name on the land registry as owner of the property starts at £250 and depending on the size of the property can be more. The military approval fee is anything from £125 to £500.

When you title deeds are ready to be collected we will notify you so you can go and collect them and we will then require the balance of the property you have purchased from us.

A power of attorney can be appointed by you to sign your title deeds on your behalf but again a fee is charged by them to do this.

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