What Deposit Do I Need

Once you decide to purchase a completed or off plan property with us a holding deposit is required to be paid and the amount this is varies depending on the size, location and price of the property.

The deposit is paid at the time the contract is drawn up and signed for through Royal Turkish Homes local solicitor who prepares the contract. The deposit secures that the property or off plan project is yours.

The following amounts for a deposit are the minimum that we look for:

One bedroom apartment – £2,000
Two bedroom apartment – £3,000
Three bedroom apartment or penthouse – £5,000
Villa’s – £5,000

Once the deposit and contract are made then the next payment is due 10 days after you return home and then a small balance is kept to pay us when you collect your title deeds.

We do have 0% payments plans for our off plan projects but a cash deposit is still also required.

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